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  • Derek Beech
    Derek Beech
    Residential Real Estate Broker
    Derek Beech Inc

    While in his twenties, Derek travelled the world and developed his business acumen in his position with an international textile manufacturing company. After six years, Derek wanted more time on terra firma and he turned his attention to the family business ---- He worked hands-on in construction projects and then became involved in  property ownership, renovation, and management .

    Derek decided to become a real estate broker when a key agent retired. From that point on, Derek quickly realized that being a real estate broker was something that suited his character and temperament perfectly. He had found his niche and the work that he loved.

    In his first years,  he earned Gold Club awards from RE/MAX Quebec for increasing his sales each and every year.  He is now a RE/MAX Platinum broker & Hall of Fame.

    With a great mind for business, Derek , with his business partner, Frandy Cherestal , opened the very first RE/MAX boutique agency in downtown Montreal. They have since expanded to include a team of successful brokers.

    Derek not only helps clients buy and sell property but helps them to build a real estate portfolio that will benefit them in the many years ahead.  Derek's business is built on relationships. Clients love working with Derek as he is transparent and honest at all times and always looking out for their best interests.

  • Frandy Cherestal
    Frandy Cherestal
    Certified Real Estate Broker
    Frandy Cherestal Inc
    The many Remax awards received such as Club 100%,100% Gold, Prestige, Platinum and Hall of Fame awards prove one thing: Frandy Cherestal is committed towards his clients. Since entering the real estate business in late 2007, Frandy has pursued further training in order to give his clients an unmatched quality of service and an exceptional experience. Moreover, his continuing efforts led him to be nominated as agency executive officer in Fall 2014. Always aiming for client gratification, Frandy offers a personalized service which meets his clients’ needs. He provides them with relevant information, valuable advice, and close monitoring. Frandy believes that every property is as unique as the person he assists, so he will adapt to his clients and make sure to give them the right service that will lead them towards a successful transaction. In addition of being professional and sympathetic, the strong focus on client satisfaction and the outgoing personality of this devoted man have proven to be the foundation of his ever-growing success, which he wants to share with you, future buyers and sellers. I look forward to meeting you!
  • Derek Beech Derek Beech
  • Frandy Cherestal Frandy Cherestal

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