Team Derek & Frandy

Team Derek & Frandy

  • Derek Beech
    Derek Beech
    Residential Real Estate Broker

    While in his twenties, Derek travelled the world and developed his business acumen in his position with an international textile manufacturing company. After six years,  Derek wanted more time on terra firma and he turned his attention to the family business ---- He worked hands-on in construction projects and then became involved in  property ownership, renovation, and management .

    Derek decided to become a real estate broker when a key agent retired.  From that point on, Derek quickly realized that being a real estate broker was something that suited his character and temperament perfectly.  He had found his niche and the work that he loved.

    In his first years,  he earned Gold Club awards from Remax Quebec for increasing his sales each and every year.  He is a Remax Platinum broker for 2016 & 2017.

    With a great mind for business, Derek , with his business partner, Frandy Cherestal , opened the very first Remax boutique agency in downtown Montreal. They have since expanded to include a team of successful brokers.

    Derek not only helps clients buy and sell property but helps them to build a real estate portfolio that will benefit them in the many years ahead.  Derek's business is built on relationships. Clients love working with Derek as he is transparent and honest at all times and always looking out for their best interests.

  • Frandy Cherestal
    Frandy Cherestal
    Certified Real Estate Broker
    The many Remax awards received such as Club 100%,100% Gold, Prestige, Platinum and Hall of Fame awards prove one thing: Frandy Cherestal is committed towards his clients. Since entering the real estate business in late 2007, Frandy has pursued further training in order to give his clients an unmatched quality of service and an exceptional experience. Moreover, his continuing efforts led him to be nominated as agency executive officer in Fall 2014. Always aiming for client gratification, Frandy offers a personalized service which meets his clients’ needs. He provides them with relevant information, valuable advice, and close monitoring. Frandy believes that every property is as unique as the person he assists, so he will adapt to his clients and make sure to give them the right service that will lead them towards a successful transaction. In addition of being professional and sympathetic, the strong focus on client satisfaction and the outgoing personality of this devoted man have proven to be the foundation of his ever-growing success, which he wants to share with you, future buyers and sellers. I look forward to meeting you!
  • Derek Beech Derek Beech
  • Frandy Cherestal Frandy Cherestal

Our listings

All the properties at a glance!
MLS: 15920602
$2,500 /month
500 Rue de la Montagne
Montréal (Ville-Marie)
# 15920602  2  1
MLS: 27806295
501 Rue Brassard
Montréal (Verdun/Île-des-Sours)
# 27806295  3  1
MLS: 24149183
$2,000 /month
198 Rue Ann
Montréal (Le Sud-Ouest)
# 24149183  2  1
MLS: 26647556
650 Rue Notre-Dame O.
Montréal (Ville-Marie)
# 26647556  3  2
MLS: 20998284
300 Rue Ann
Montréal (Le Sud-Ouest)
# 20998284  1  1
MLS: 15825318
1500 Rue Basin
Montréal (Le Sud-Ouest)
# 15825318  1  1
MLS: 22110615
$1,400 /month
1440 Rue Lucien-Paiement
Laval (Laval-des-Rapides)
# 22110615  1  1
MLS: 21095265
2004 Boul. St-Laurent
Montréal (Ville-Marie)
# 21095265  2  1
MLS: 27810829
1300 Boul. René-Lévesque O.
Montréal (Ville-Marie)
# 27810829  1  1
MLS: 22572795
$1,700 /month
5062 Av. West Hill
Montréal (Côte-des-Neiges/Notre-Dame-de-Grâce)
# 22572795  3  1
MLS: 26298879
1713 Rue St-Patrick
Montréal (Le Sud-Ouest)
# 26298879  5  2
MLS: 13084284
1500 Rue Basin
Montréal (Le Sud-Ouest)
# 13084284  3  2
MLS: 25737065
1200 Rue St-Alexandre
Montréal (Ville-Marie)
# 25737065  2  1
MLS: 10168029
$9,500 /month
1713 Rue St-Patrick
Montréal (Le Sud-Ouest)
# 10168029  5  2
MLS: 17723509
$1,995 /month
1188 Rue St-Antoine O.
Montréal (Ville-Marie)
# 17723509  1  1
MLS: 22707392
378 Boul. St-Joseph E.
Montréal (Le Plateau-Mont-Royal)
# 22707392  4  1

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Customers testimonials

Customers testimonials

  • I bought an apartment in Ville-Marie through Derek. Being based outside of Canada, it was really important to me to work with a broker who is responsive and reachable. I'm happy to say Derek was all that and more. Even though I had tons of questions, Derek was always prompt with his replies. He was clearly very knowledgeable about Montreal''s real estate market, and was able to give me very good suggestions on what to look out for in an investment property. I can honestly say Derek went above and beyond to help me through the entire process - from selecting a property, linking me up with my mortgage, and even recommending a notary. Finally, in addition to being a most professional real estate agent, I'm very glad to be able to call Derek my friend today. I would strongly recommend Derek to anyone looking to buy or sell property in Montreal.

    Fei Yan Lim
  • Derek Beech was an absolute pleasure to work with, I would highly recommend him. He understood exactly what I was looking for, and helped me find a place to call my own. He was very knowledgeable of the market, answered the many questions that I had, helped me get a better interest rate than what my bank was offering me and also recommended a fantastic house inspector. If you are looking into buying or selling I would highly recommend him.

    Laurel Hollingshead
  • Having Frandy on our side, all throughout our condo purchase process, was a great help. He is professional and very pleasant to work with. This was our first purchase, and having someone like him advise us helped us understand the process and be less nervous about it. He has recommended other great professionals to us (bank agents, notary) and the result was a smooth, pleasant sequence, instead of a bureaucratic nightmare. A HUGE thank you!

    Eva Cirnu
  • We bought our first condo with Frandy's help. From day one, he was friendly, approachable, he knew the downtown Montreal area well and showed us condos that were well within our criteria. We admired his extensive experience, especially when it came time to decide on a particular condo. He has a practical approach and is a very patient guy. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend our friends to Frandy...

    Nadim Alamuddin
  • Un vrai plaisir, travailler avec Frandy. Il est rapide, professionnel, agréable à travailler avec. On se rend rapidement compte qu'il est passionné par ce qu'il fait, et cela fait toute la différence, côté client. Merci !

    Dominik Czartoryski
  • Une équipe très professionnelle. Les conseils de Frandy sont toujours excellents.

    Yves-Marie Exumé
  • Nous avons fait affaire avec Frandy pour l'achat d'un Duplex. Il était à l'écoute de ce que nous recherchions. Il répondait rapidement à nos questions et nous a toujours donné de bons conseils! Je vous le recommande vivement.

    Cindy Arevalo
  • Merveilleuse expérience avec Frandy. Une personne authentique qui a su faire passer mes besoins avant tout. Il n'a eu aucun problème à se déplacer pour m'aider dans ma recherche de maison. Je le recommande fortement.

    Maxime Lacoste
  • I was introduced to Derek via my Toronto Agent and from start to finish; Derek was professional, diligent and responded always in a timely manner. He listened to the finer details when corresponding and helped us find a home we were looking for. I will not hesitate to use Derek in the future.

    John Collie
    founder of Rescue 7
  • Since we had a bad experience with a real estate agent in the past, we were a bit reluctant to work with one, once again. When we met Derek, we had a good feeling about him and we decided to give him a chance. Throughout the time we worked together, Derek was always available, professional and transparent. He was knowledgeable, honest and sharp. He even recommended another agent to us when we wanted to look up North. Obviously he wanted to help us first and foremost. He managed to earn our confidence, which made the selling/buying process much easier! Derek is a good and trustworthy agent and we won't hesitate to hire him again in the future or to recommend him to family and friends! Merci Derek :)

    Samer & Nadia
  • Thank you for the excellent work you did for us; my downtown condo had been on sale for more than 3 months! But once I met and agreed to list my apartment with Derek, with his dynamic attitude and his know- how, he brought several visitors within a week and within two weeks I had an accepted offer. What is different about Derek is his ability to easily communicate with both the buyer and the seller, making sure things are transparent to both; only this form of representation can lead to a win-win agreement! Thanks to you Derek!

    T. Zarayan
  • I first listed my condo in November 2012. After 6 months with a broker, I wasn't able to get one offer. Feeling discouraged, I decided to list on a zero-commission site. Within 3 months, not only was I receiving less visits, but the profile of these buyers who came to visit were not very serious in buying. I had no-shows, last minute cancellations, and many lacked insight about market prices and neighborhoods. Derek had called me to list with him at Remax. He was confident about his service, knowledgeable about the neighborhood, and convinced me that I had undervalued my home on the zero-commission website. It took Derek less than 3 weeks to sell my home! He's worth 100% of his commission. I would recommend Derek to any, if not ALL owners out there who are actually serious about selling their home!

  • At first I did not want to use an real estate broker, but after trying duProprio for 3months with no success I began to rethink the idea. I tried 2 others brokers before finding Derek and he was the best choice for the job. He really worked on selling my condo and was very thorough for all the paper work and details; he gives real estate agents a good name! I would recommend him any time

  • Derek a été un professionnel exemplaire en nous épaulant dans nos décisions tout au long de notre achat. Merci ! Derek est un jeune courtier dynamique qui a de l'initiative, et nous a impressionné par son professionnalisme et sa rapidité d'exécution. Merci à Derek qui a su nous donner confiance tout au long de notre processus d'achat grâce à ses conseils judicieux et son professionnalisme exemplaire.

    Sarah & Alex
  • Lors de la vente de notre condo aux Bassins du Havre, nous avons confié le mandat à Derek et Frandy. D'habitude, nous n'aimons pas beaucoup les courtiers pour plusieurs raisons mais Derek et Frandy sont différents des autres. Ils sont simples, disponibles, très au courant du marché surtout à Griffintown et nous avons donc été très satisfaits de leurs services. Dès le début, ils nous ont pris sous leur aile et la vente a été des plus agréables et des plus transparentes. Ils nous ont aidé à établir un prix de vente juste selon le marché et ne nous ont jamais incité à le baisser après la mise en vente s'ils n'en voyaient pas le besoin. Derek et Frandy sont de jeunes courtiers dynamiques qui ont de bonnes valeurs. Leur motivation numéro 1 n'est pas tant leur commission mais plutôt le bien être de leurs clients afin que ceux-ci se sentent à l'aise tout au long du processus de vente et ressortent satisfaits de chez le notaire. Faites leur confiance, vous ne le regretterez pas !

    Kevin Le Roux - 1548 rue Basin #407
  • Derek & Frandy were my choice to sell my condo at le Bassin du Havre. It needed to be painted and cleaned which they handled without any problem. What I really like about Derek is that he's always reachable and always available to answer certain issues regardless of their degree of difficulty. He's young, charismatic, smart, very energetic, knows his business very well and can even teach one some patience when necessary. I find that pays off! His dynamism and love of his work is contagious making the whole process exciting and actually enjoyable! Derek & Frandy sold my condo in very good time despite the bad weather and I will definitely recommend their team to whoever needs a real professional for their listing or purchase of property.

    Christiane Jackson- 1548 Basin #609
  • Thanks to Frandy and his team. Not only he helped us find a new home but also took care of renting the old one! Frandy’s honesty, kindness and above all, patience, is very much appreciated!

    Amir Jalini
  • Thank you so much for all your professional help. But most of all we are thankful for your personal touch that you naturally add to helping us. Best of luck, we will be contacting you again in a few years !!

    Dennis Zieglers
  • Frandy is a true professional. He brings his expertise and diligence to the footsteps of what clients request of their future homes. What I appreciated most from Frandy is his out of box thinking in looking for properties and solutions around what I requested of him as my agent. He insured I was comfortable with my decision and now, I reside happily at my condo situated in the heart of the city. Thank You Frandy! I will be calling you for my next purchase.

    Cordia Tsoi
  • Bonjour, J'écris un petit mot pour le meilleur courtier immobilier, Frandy Cherestal. Il m'a accompagné dans l'achat de mon premier condo, quel expérience! Du tout début des recherches, il m'a informé des étapes qu'on devra suivre et il a toujours été disponible pour moi. Frandy est chaleureux, respectueux, professionnelle, je vous le recommande pour l'achat ou la vente de votre propriété, car il est dévoué à son métier! Merci Frandy!

    Cristina Cando
  • Frandy mérite le succès. Notre transaction c'est déroulé dans un climat agréable pour tous.

    Richard et Anick
  • Nous venons de conclure l'achat de notre première maison avec Frandy et l’expérience a été formidable. Frandy nous a soutenus dans toutes les étapes avant, pendant et même après la transaction. Il a su cerner nos attentes et rendre notre projet agréable tant par son professionnalisme, sa courtoisie, ses conseils, sa patience et son grand dévouement. Toutes nos connaissances qui ont le projet de s'acheter une maison Frandy est le premier nom que l'on réfère car il est l'agent IDÉAL!!!

    Hugue Marie et Jean-Marie Cham
  • Je vous félicites pour votre site. C'est avec plaisir que je vous référerai à des amis ou collègues compte tenu du bon service, de la compétence et du sérieux dont vous avez fait montre lors de notre dernière transaction. Au plaisir de vous revoir.

    Christine Deetjen Taylor
  • Frandy recently acted as both my selling & buying agent. Both experiences were very satisfying & successful. His patience, professionalism & strong communication skills made it a stress-free process. I would strongly recommend working with this energetic guy!

    Michael Galvin
  • We purchased our first home with Frandy. He was a real professional with a kind heart. All went fast and smooth thanks to him.

    Rita Sisa
  • It was a pleasure to work with Frandy when I sold my house. His level of professionalism, energy and patience really impressed me. I would definitely work with him again in the future.

    Marcus Holm
  • Merci beaucoup à Frandy pour son professionnalisme. Il a su faire disparaître tout le stresse que ma fiancée et moi avions avant d'entamer notre premier achat de maison. En plus d'avoir un pied temporairement dans le platre, il a toujours su faire passer nos intérêts en premier plan. Merci beaucoup pour notre maison et heureux de voir que vous vous portez mieux. Sans hésitation, Frandy est l'agent à suggéré.

    Harold et Stephanie
  • Frandy managed to sell my condo very quickly and at a great price during a period when the market was really slowing down. He was professional, efficient, optimistic and very informative. He took care of everything and I was able to fully trust him to get the job done. He is very sharp and motivated. I highly recommend him!

    Kassandra Kernisan
  • J'ai vecu mon expérience d'achat de premiere maison du premier au dernier pas avec Mr. Frandy. Je me dis que j'ai eu de la chance de l'avoir rencontrer car il m'a apporté toute l'aide nécessaire avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme. Un grand merci Frandy et sincèrement si j'ai à revivre cette expérience j'aimerais que tu sois là pour encore m'aider.

    Hind Dhaidah
  • À notre cher agent préféré, MERCI. Vous nous avez aidé à acheter notre première maison. Toute un défi car nous étions à Kuujjuaraapik au Nunavik. Avec professionnalisme et un dévouement, tu nous as fait parvenir, photos après photos. Dès notre retour à Montréal, tu avais déjà des visites prévues à notre agenda. On n'a pas perdu une seconde malgré la complexité de notre vie, Kuujjuaraapik-Montréal. De plus, tu as su avec GRAND tact combler les demandes très différente de mon mari et moi. Nous sommes enfin dans notre maison de rêve grâce à toi et ton SUPER travail. MERCI et vous êtes bien sûre toujours le BIENVENUE.

    The Osu family
  • I purchased my home with Mr. Cherestal last year. I was amazed by his professionalism. As a first time home owner, he really made the process easy and simple. I will definitely deal with him again for any future transactions. Great work

    Henry Robert Hanna
  • Derek is such a honest, reliable, kind, helpful, service minded, quick problem solver, hands-on and on top of it such a positive person that he comes really highly recommended by me. He has chosen a great team around him as well in Jonathan Birnie his associate in his management company. A very skilled person as well as Pat Turton, Turton Interiors, who is such an excellent interior decorator. To mention the most outstanding of them. Derek has more valuable contacts in hand when needed. The service Derek gave me when I searched for a condo in Montreal was outstanding and I feel absolute secure, always well informed and at ease knowing that Derek takes care of my rented condo for me.

    Susanne H
Team Derek & Frandy

Team Derek & Frandy

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